Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life.  Record the event in all its detail and excitement. 

But, planning your wedding or quinceanera can be overwhelming.  Choose Timeless Wedding Videos (TWV) and you won’t have to worry about your videographer(s).  We will create an award winning video of this special event. TWV uses three (3) chip professional camcorders that lighten up the darkest churches and that provide the brightest colors. 

Since videographers usually have to film from the side of the altar, audio from the camcorder microphone is usually not clear enough.  TWV eliminates this problem by using wireless microphones and boom mikes to provide the clearest audio imaginable. 

TWV uses a wireless microphone for inter-views, so nobody gets tangled in cords.

If the ceremony is filmed with one camcorder, parts of the ceremony is missed because of the need to switch from priest, to bride and groom, to reader or to singer.  TWV recommends multiple (2 or 3) camcorders for filming your wedding so nothing is missed.

For those who wish to keep the wedding or quinceannera DVDs for a lifetime, TWV offers gold layered  DVDs as an upgrade over the
standard silver layered DVDs.  Silver layered DVDs only last 6 or 7 years because they easily oxidize while the gold layered DVDs last 100 years or a century.

Hi-light videos is another option in addition to the full length video.  When your friends come over for a visit, it is highly likely they would
not want to spend 3 to 5 hours watching your full length wedding video. They more likely would be willing to watch a thirty minute to 1 hour hi-light video of your wedding ceremony and reception.


Hi-light Streaming Video links can also be provided.  These links can be e-mailed to your family at Christmas, or another Holiday, friends or to those who could not make the wedding because of a conflict.

TWV can also broadcast your wedding live over the internet.  This feature allows relatives that could not make the trip, love one's over seas or those who did not make the guest list because the reception facility
limited the size to view the wedding in real time.

TWV also films and edits pre-wedding and post-wedding videos. "Love Story" is an example of pre-wedding videography.
The “Love Story” video production can be used as a prelude to the actual ceremony video.  These videos are the story behind the story, how the couple came together, their first date and their favorite hang-outs.  TWV  might take the couple to where they first met or the location of the proposal and film them at these spots.  TWV interviews them about their relationship, or get reactions from friends and family.

Trash the dress is a popular example of post-wedding videography. Filming the bride in her wedding dress & groom in his tuxedo riding inner tubes down a river, riding a horse bareback together, laying in the sand at a beach or the bride and groom in a big oak tree are examples of trash the dress scenes.  Laying in the sand will trash your dress, but only temporarily. Most often the dress can be hung dry and cleaned.  Trash the dress scenes are filmed a week or two after the wedding and can be incorporated in the church ceremony and reception wedding video.

You will discover that our filming, editing and storytelling sets us apart from standard wedding videos and quinceanera videos.

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